10 Home Technology Tips


10 Smart Consumer Electronic Tips for the Home Environment

1) Wire for everything now: If you are building or remodeling your home, wire it with a plan for future needs.  While no one can guarantee what the future will look like, we make it our business to stay current in order to offer great advice about technologies that are on the horizon.  Best of all we can help you sort out the hype from the reality and avoid common pitfalls along the way.


2) Plan for future TV technology now: If you're buying a new TV or video projector, make sure to ask about LED, 3D and how it will integrate with your existing equipment.  This may lead to spending a bit more in the near term by making sure to get a TV with discrete codes, adding a blu-ray player or upgrading your AV receiver at the same time, but the longer term enjoyment and ease of use generally far outweigh the near term costs.


3) Insist on Integrated systems: As you buy new electronic components, think of the big picture and how everything will be hooked up together and operated.  We recommend utilizing a universal control system to simplify operations and to maximize ease of use, look for components that have "Discrete codes" for turning your equipment on and off as well as changing sources and settings.  For best results contact us before making a purchase and we can advise you on what we've tested to integrate the best.


4) Don't buy yesterday's products: Many stores make large "special purchases" of older equipment and sell it at discounted rate.  We recommend shopping with us or a dealer that provides you with newest equipment and technologies.


5) Consider adding integrated lighting control with your home electronics system: Lighting sets the mood for home theater, entertaining, or just a quiet night in.  With the right equipment you can control some or all of your homes lighting simply with the press of a button on a wall keypad, touchscreen or the same hand held universal control system you use to control your TV and/or home theater.


6) Think with your wallet, but lead with your head: Planning, quality and long-term dependability are the most cost effective attributes that you can build into a home.  Plan ahead but be willing to spend a little more now to get what you want later.  Infrastructure and proper System Design are the 2 best investments consumers can make in updating technology in their homes.


7) Buy an experience, not a box: When making a large home electronics purchase remember to focus on "Who" you're working with, are they someone you want to build a long term relationship with and how well will they be able to provide additional service and support to you in the future.  Remember, you get what you pay for and if price is all that matters don't be surprised if there is no one there to help you in the future (many large and small companies have closed in recent years due to unsustainable pricing practices).


8) Don't think you have to put up with hard to use remote(s): Easy to use, all in one control systems are available for any type of system.  We specialize in creating custom programs for customers to make controlling multiple devices single button simple.  Looking for something to impress your friends and neighbors?  We can create design a custom program, layouts, sequences and graphics to match your lifestyle or decor and can even create hidden/locked sequences that can only be activated by you.


9) Consult a professional (like us): Designing and installing reliable, easy to use systems that improve the quality, efficiency and convenience of your life is our goal.  From simplifying and improving your TV watching experience to creating dramatic lighting effects which save you money to conveniently accessing your music, movie or photo collection from any room (or environment...or remotely) professionally designed systems allow for the best results.

10) Increase your service expectations: Your home electronics system is a big investment and at Eastside Audio Video we are experienced in many different skill sets to help you make the most of it.  Our expertise includes project management and installation services but also ranges from basic consulting and system design to creating technical CAD based drawings; from basic remote consolidation services to creating fully custom graphical user interfaces as well as interior design experience ranging from designing custom cabinet and wall unit systems to room layout and helping choose complimentary paint colors to accent a room.



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