Form Meets Function, Part 1 - Audio and Video


Form Meets Function

In this month’s post I’ll be discussing how technology and design have come together to complement any space.  From remotely located equipment powering invisible speakers to TV’s that disappear in plain sight you can now have all the technology and convenience you desire installed seamlessly in your home.  Check back for the follow up to this article where I’ll be discussing how we can take any space to the next level with automated lighting scenes and motorized shades with both designer and blackout curtain options and how we can integrate climate control solutions onto a touch panel allowing you to live more comfortably while saving money on your heating and electric bills.


Custom and Invisible Sound Systems

At Madrona Digital, we pride ourselves on having an extensive background on creating systems that perform amazingly well, while going unnoticed on a daily basis.  With an array of products such as outdoor planter speakers to in ceiling can lights with built in wireless speakers to thin bezel and AMINA’s ™ line of invisible speakers we can give you the best of both worlds and appease even the most discerning interior decorator.  To go along with a hidden multi-zone or surround package we also specialize in creating robust wireless control solutions that are easy to use, allowing you to remotely locate your equipment behind cabinet doors or in a separate closet.  We also have extensive experience working with and designing custom cabinets that can properly accommodate all your speakers and equipment.


Disappearing Video Displays

Whether you’re a movie buff without a dedicated media room or want a TV in every room but don’t always want them standing out we have a variety of solutions to suit your needs.  For the movie buff without a dedicated room we recommend turning your family or guest bedroom into a part time theater with a drop down screen that hides in your ceiling when not in use.  For those that need a TV in every room we recommend a variety of solutions to fit any situation, including cabinets and drop down ceiling mounts that will automatically raise or lower your TV when you’re ready to watch.  For situations where a room serves multiple purposes we offer TV solutions that can act as a mirror when turned off as well as optional frames that can have your favorite picture displayed normally but roll up or move to the side when you want to watch TV.