Outdoor Entertaining


Outdoor Entertaining

In our opening installment of Sound Bytes, we will be looking into how to get the most out of the largest area of one's home...The Outdoors.  Today we will be looking into the 3 key categories of outdoor entertaining: Audio, Video and Control.


Audio: Audio consists of the speakers and components required to get you moving to the beat.  On the component side you can go as basic as hooking up a pair of speakers to an existing stereo or as advanced as a dedicated outdoor theater...or more.  When it comes to picking out speakers there are many great looking and sounding options including traditional surface or in wall options, as well as custom solutions designed to look and feel and function like planters, rocks, landscape lighting and more.


Video: Outdoor video options range from weather resistant flat panel displays to inflatable projection screens to permanently installed video projection systems.  Things to take into account when adding video to an outdoor area are: how the sun will affect your viewing and usages patterns and what technology will allow you the greatest use of your space.


Control: Control is the melding of you and your technology resulting in a fun and enjoyable entertaining experience.  Solutions range from a basic weatherproof volume control to an in wall keypad or touchscreen that may include feedback such as iPod metadata, as well as an option for a waterproof remote you can use while in your pool or hot tub.


Things to remember: Be diligent and consult with a custom audio/video integrator before beginning your project.  Choosing the right products and control solutions make all the difference; enabling you to easily enjoy listening to music, watch videos and entertain your friends and family members for many years to come.  Contact me today to schedule an in home consult for your outdoor spaces or for any other audio, video, technology or control questions you may have.